John Luther Adams
Inuksuit for 9-99 percussionists
The Light That Fills The World for mixed ensemble

Fredrik Andersson
Not everything which happens is in the newspaper for solo marimba
the lonelyness of Santa Claus for marimba duo
Uncommon encounters epilogue for solo vibraphone

Thomas Rex Beverly
Sferics for solo vibraphone and electronics

John Cage
Living Room Music for vocalising percussion quartet
Second Construction for percussion quartet
Third Construction for percussion quartet

George Crumb
An Idyll for the Misbegotten for amplified flute and percussion

Jacob Druckman
Reflections on the Nature of Water for solo marimba

Julius Eastman
Gay Guerrilla for 4 keyboards/open instrumentation

Tim Feeney
Breathing Box for six wood blocks and electronics
Glossolalia for six snare drums
Gryllidae for eight clave players and electronics

Brooks Frederickson
Coaster for percussion and electronics (2 players)

Rob Funkhouser
Surfaces for percussion duo

Justin Greene
To Paint A Room Pink for 12 paint stirrers

Wally Gunn
Vicious Children for percussion quartet

Nicole Gutman
Tossing and Turning for solo vibraphone and text

Sarah Hennies
Settle for vibraphone (2-3 players)
Flourish for vibraphone (2 players)

Calvin Hitchcock
Why Fades a Dream for mixed ensemble
819 for mixed ensemble

David Lang
Unchained Melody for solo percussion


Paul Lansky
Threads for percussion quartet

Nate May
Holy Fool for two vibraphones, two drum kits and electric bass guitar
State for soloists, women's choir, and percussion
Rhizosphere for two percussionists and electronics

Dave Molk
chugging, churning for multiple percussion solo
Glow for percussion duo
murmur for 2 vibraphones (4 players)

Pauline Oliveros
Earth Ears for open instrumentation

Rudiger Pawassar
Sculpture in Wood for marimba quartet

Tristan Perich
Momentary Expanse for solo vibraphone with 2-channel 1-bit music
Observations for two sets of crotales and 6-channel 1-bit music

Michael Pisaro
A wave and waves for 100 percussionists

Steve Reich
Clapping Music for two performers
Drumming (Part 1) for percussion quartet
Four Organs for four electric organs and maracas
Mallet Quartet for 2 marimbas & 2 vibraphones
Six Marimbas for marimba sextet

Terry Riley
In C for open instrumentation

Andrew Seivert
Distant for solo vibraphone and white noise

Aaron Siegel
Science Is Only A Sometimes Friend for 8 glockenspiels and electric organ

Ivan Trevino
Bloom for marimba quartet
Catching Shadows for percussion sextet
Legerdemain for multiple percussion solo

Jason Treuting
Amid The Noise for open instrumentation
Life is (___) for open instrumentation

Edgard Varese
Ionisation for percussion ensemble

Iannis Xenakis
Peaux (from Pleaides) for percussion sextet
Okho arrangement for six drums