Rafailia Bambadisou - Three sketches from the backyard for mixed ensemble^
Matīss Čudars - Eclectricity for mixed ensemble^
Rob Funkhouser - new evening-length work for percussion duo
Celia Swart - Amplification of Light for mixed ensemble^
Phong Tran - Opulence for mixed ensemble^


Brooks Frederickson - Coaster for percussion and electronics*^
Peter Garland - Basketweave Elegies for solo vibraphone*
Hugh Sheehan - Holes in the Sky for vibraphone and tether*

Brooks FredericksonMuseum of Patterns for solo drumset*
Rob Funkhouser - Surfaces for percussion duo*^
Calvin Hitchcock - Why Fades a Dream for mixed ensemble^
Calvin Hitchcock - 819 for mixed ensemble^
Nate May - Rhizosphere for two percussionists with electronics*^
Andrew SeivertDistant for solo vibraphone and white noise*^
Daniel Smith - Toccata and Nocturne for vibraphone and electronics*

Thomas Rex Beverly - Sferics for vibraphone, seasonally available electronics, and video*
Elliot Cole - Flowerpot Music no. 1 for eight flowerpots*
Tim FeeneyBreathing Box for six wood block players and electronics^
Nicole Gutman - Tossing and Turning (based on a poem by John Updike) for vibraphone and text*^
Nate May - Holy Fool for percussion quartet and electric bass^
Nate May - State for soloists, women's choir, and percussion^
Dave Molk - chugging, churning for multi-percussion solo*^
Jason Treuting - Nine Numbers for multi-percussion solo*

Dave Molkmurmur for two vibraphones (four players)^

* = commission
^ = premiere performance