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Summer Wrap-Up: SoSI 2017 and "Surfaces" Video Premiere

As this year's fall rolls in, I wanted to give a little wrap up of the rest of my summer:

In July I interned at the 2017 So Percussion Summer Institute! Here's a small collection of photos showing a snippet of my time there; I can't thank the participants, Princeton faculty, my fellow interns and staff, and of course So Percussion for another awesome time at SoSI!

In August, my duo Neutrals had a video recording for our first collaboration, Surfaces by our good friend Rob Funkhouser. The video is out now, check it out below!

New Video: Paul Lansky's Threads!

A few months ago, I had the honor to perform at PASIC with the Wright State University Percussion Ensemble. One of the pieces we played, Paul Lansky's fantastic quartet Threads, was filmed in December, and now it's finally ready! Thanks to my fellow performers Will Kan, Stephen Monath, and Jake Rhodes, and to Jesse Duncan for filming/editing. I'm very proud of this performance. Enjoy!

2016 Summer Adventures

With another year of school beginning, I thought I'd take some time to recount all my adventures from this past summer!

Certainly my most active summer so far, this time around I:
–Hit the road with my friends Aaron Butler, Knee Play (Sam Ferris-Morris and Justin West) and Andrew Seivert to play Steve Reich's "Four Organs," Julius Eastman's "Gay Guerrilla," and Knee Play's color projection improvisation piece in Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Detriot
–Began playing shows with Andrew Seivert as Neutrals, including a date at the International Noise Conference 2016: Cincinnati
–Participated in the 2016 Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar, where I worked with Doug Perkins, Amy Garapic, Tim Feeney, Jim Culley, and other esteemed faculty, as well as premiered/recorded a new work by Feeney entitled "Breathing Box"
–Continued my east coast traveling to Princeton for a SoSI 2015 reunion!

A very exciting summer full of old friends, new friends, and great new experiences. I thank everyone who helped along the way (especially Rob Funkhouser in Indy, Tim Barnes at Dreamland, and Zac Brunell at Detroit Bureau of Sound for help booking the Four Organs tour!) for a wonderful few months!

Check out this gallery of photos from the summer!